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VIVO Computer

The vivo computer is a new computer desk that has them all. A computer workstation, which is the physical building blocks of a computer. This computer desk has all the materials necessary to create a working computer, including an electric model 47 gaming desk height adjustable height of 47 inches. The desk is made of white electric wood with a black electric cord and an electric power cord. The height can be adjust up and down, side to side, and front to back. The computer workstation also includes an screen and a 2-year warranty.

Keyboard & Mouse Platform Tray Vesa Mount Attachment
Mouse Pad And Device Holder
Case Carrier
VIVO Black Vented Metal Desktop Stand Ergonomic Monitor and

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The vivo computer is a high-performance computer keyboard that uses a digital cortex chip to provide advanced on-screen typing features. The keyboard uses a non-trivial key actuation force and feedback system, which ensures reliable key presses. The keyboard also includes a numeric keypad, a media control interface, and a multi-language interface.
the vivo computer is an adjustable computer keyboard that stands at under table desk mount. It includes an adjustable mike that goes up to 24 hours and a back up microphone. The computer also includes a primary hard drive that can be at up to 6tb.
this is a computer mouse pad and device holder designed by vivo. It is a black rotating desk clamp that swings around to adjust to the size of your desk. The clamps can be attached in two ways - by a screw through the top, and by a magnetic snap on. The mat can also be filled with water and then removed, leaving the clamps and mat as is. The clamps are adjustable to fit a variety of devices, including laptops, desktop computers, mouseheads, and mat heads.